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“Young people, the Congo belongs to you.”

Hello, mSashay name is Sasha Ntontolo. I am currently a sophomore at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. I am pursing a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, in hopes of becoming a Certified Public Accountant and owning my own accounting firm. With that experience, I aspire to educate members of our community on ways to manage finances in order to allow them to live comfortably while saving money. I am currently involved on my university’s campus and equally active in two organizations. I am currently Treasurer for the African Student Union organization, and a member of Delta Sigma Pi professional fraternity, where I hold a leadership position as Vice President of Professional Activities.

My hopes are that the FLOCA and its mentorship program will help to generate a unified Congolese community.

I was extremely delighted when I first heard news about the Future Leaders of Congo Award (FLOCA) program, an organization created with the intent of empowering the young people within the Congolese community of North Carolina. I love that the FLOCA program acknowledges that we, the young people hold the key to success within our community. Many of our parents chose to leave their home country, the Democratic Republic of Congo, to come to America in hopes of having greater opportunities. I believe that it is our duty, my generation’s duty to continue to not only fulfill our parents’ dreams, but to also aim to be leading examples within our Congolese community.

Success has to start somewhere and through the development of FLOCA, I am certain that we are off to a good start to shaping the youth of our community into becoming great future leaders. With the FLOCA program we have the ability to transform lives with the help of a handful of people. However, we need the support of our entire community to be more effective. With the help of our entire community, we can certainly accomplish many goals. “Unity is strength, and when there is teamwork and collaboration, so many wonderful things can be achieved.”

My hopes are that the FLOCA and its mentorship program will help to generate a unified Congolese community. A community where all will strive for success, and empower the Congolese youth to encourage each other to aim for greatness as they become role models to the next generation, and ultimately allowing for this to become a cycle. Through the FLOCA program, I want the youth of the Congolese community to be a representation of our people, as the strong leaders that we are and can be. My generation is the future. We hold the key to the success of our people and our country. It’s time to invest in the future of the Congolese community because without investment, there will be NO growth.


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    Congratulation love and keep up the good work

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