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My name is Elana Kuvuna. I am a student at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology with a concentration in Optometry. I was just recently crowned as the 2015 Miss Africa IVASA for North Carolina and Miss Krimson & Kreme for the Zeta Delta Chapter of the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated. I am very involved on my campus and around the Raleigh, Charlotte, and Greensboro community. At UNC Charlotte, I am the Event Coordinator for the Organization of African Students (OAS) as I am their current Miss OAS, in the University Honors Program, a Niner Tour Guide, a Residence Advisor for students who live on campus, as well as a member of the Women’s Club Volleyball Team. In Fall 2014, I founded and started the EyeCU Optometry Organization at UNC Charlotte after taking a trip to the Democratic of Congo and really gaining a stronger passion for the corrective vision of others. In the near future, I plan to become a Missionary Doctor of Optometry and open up practices not only around the world, but specifically in our home land of Congo.

My hope for you, reading this letter, and for the Future Leaders of Congo Awards is to be a paradigm. I want FLOCA to be a program which students and the community look forward to every year. I envision fruitful product to be yielded through us so much so that when the North Carolina Congolese community looks at us, negative stereotypes begin to break, and that they would see faith, hope, and vision in our future leaders. It is so important to invest and to sow into the lives of our community older and younger, because we are the free, the freedom generation. We are the city on the hill. We are the salt and light of the World. If not US, then WHO? Planting a seed of hope, encouragement, and positive vibes in our community can only yield and harvest great leaders and a reaping generation. I aspire for our Congolese Community far and wide to develop a sense of urgency for unity. Our Congolese leaders in our homes, in our churches, and in our communities must be trailblazers that put egos aside to invest in our rising generation here in the United States so that we would then go on to invest in our dear Congo. Each of us alone are powerful, but t o g e t h e r we are a mighty, unstoppable force. We must do better, we will do better, and we are better.

Bango Te, Biso Nde,

Elana Kuvuna

  1. Candy Pambu
    Candy Pambu02-02-2015

    “We are the city on the hill. We are the salt and light of the World. If not US, then WHO?” YES!! It gives me so much joy to read this because this is exactly the mindset we must have in order to move forward. In order for meaningful change to happen, we must be the ones who work for it. Others can come and help, but only when it is personal and real, can we truly succeed at making a difference. Kudos to you my dear. So proud of you and thank you for kicking this off!!!

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