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Amani: Her FLOCA Mentorship Experience

My name is Amani Bushiri I’m currently in 11th grade and I’m interested in social sciences. After high school, I plan on attending a 4-year college then law school. My experience with the FLOCA mentorship program has been great. For the past two years, my mentor, Ms. Laura, has given me wonderful advice and encouraged me to continue working hard in school. I love having a mentor because I always have someone who can answer my questions about high school and college, give me new study tools, send me information about programs, and write letters of recommendation for me. Being a part of the FLOCA mentorship program is good for all students whether or not they’re doing well in school because mentors are great listeners, encourage you to do your best, and will help you achieve your goals. My peers and I can take part in uplifting our community by pushing each other to take advantage of our education and to work hard in school. Personally, I’d like to contribute to the FLOCA program by becoming a mentor myself so I can help someone the way Ms. Laura has helped me. 

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