Advisory Board Members

mubengaDr. Pascal Mubenga
Founding Member

Dr. Pascal Mubenga has had educational experiences as a public school teacher, Assistant Principal, and Principal in middle and high school In North Carolina. Dr. Mubenga served as a principal in a low performing school for three years, and has led the school to become the number one high performing traditional high school out of all identified North Carolina high school Turnaround Schools. Additionally, Dr. Mubenga has worked for North Carolina Department of Education as educational consultant for four years. He currently serves as Superintendent of Franklin County Schools in North Carolina.




 MwembaAndjelo Cherty Mwembya

With an accomplished 16 years experience in engineering management, marketing, business development in both the private and public sectors, Mr. Andjelo Cherty Mwembya received a B.S. in electrical and computer engineering from UNC at Charlotte. He is a trailblazer in the raw mineral trading and mining industry, and is very involved in telecom/IT and real estate investment circles across many international borders. Over the years Andjelo has developed initiatives and opportunities aimed at increasing the quality of business in the African emerging markets. His expertise includes business development, customer relationship management, and project management and Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA). Within the MoZiKi concept, he has developed techniques for analytic and strategic decision making process amongst the Emerging African Markets and the developed North American market.  He is the motivator of motivated people and lately the Promoter of Healthier Community Conscience by means of not-for-profit platforms; Global SEAT association, Geekdom and ProductCamp Austin.

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